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The Cat's Pajamas Inn is a comfy, cozy spot designed exclusively for feline guest. The Inn is located inside Patty's, the Innkeeper's, home allowing for around the clock oversight of the kitties. The condos are spacious, the blankets are fluffy, and the cat boxes are spotless. Many of the guests enjoy gazing out the windows at the variety of birds visiting the yard outside.

The Inn's goal is to provide a stress-free, loving environment for all visiting cats and peace of mind for their families. The Inn's spacious condos are designed specifically for our kitty-clients. Multiple shelves allow for stretching, climbing, jumping, and lounging. Soothing music plays twenty-four hours a day.

We provide excellent care at reasonable rates. Multiple-cat and extended-stay discounts are available.

About the Innkeeper
Patty McNamara is a lifelong animal lover and animal rights advocate. She shares her life with four kitties: Rosie, Ted, George, and Fiona and a sweet lab-mix named Maggie, who resides very comfortably amongst the for kitties. Patty's human family includes her husband, John, and daughter, Reilly.

Patty has over 20 years of experience gained during her employment at a local no-kill shelter. During her years there, Patty has gained first hand experience in working with all types of cat personalities. This experience has taught her how to identify and soothe basic feline maladies while also allowing her to discern when a visit to the vet is necessary.


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